Rabu, 25 Mei 2011

fix open a file that was created in an earlier version of Microsoft Office

The issue is the fact that documents saved as word 1.x or 2.x will not open because there is no support for this. A lot of the times when saving a document with Word 97, this will get saved as Word 1.x or 2.x accidentally or purposefully.

Pre-Requisites for Repair:
    1. Basic understanding of the Windows Registry and how adding information to your registry effects your computer.
    2. Windows XP or Vista Operating System.
    3. Microsoft Word 2007.

If you are not comfortable adding information to the registry then hire a professional.

For this repair, there is only 1 version. This repair does not require a step by step tutorial:

    1. Techinese

Beginner Notes:
For this repair, we will be referring to the term "click". Whenever we state the term click, this will always mean a left click. If we want you to right click, we will specify a right click. If we say double click, this means two left clicks.

Techinese Repair:

    Exit Microsoft Word completely.
    3. Open the registry file attached to this post.
    4. Open your word document again.

This issue should now be resolved.

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Minggu, 22 Mei 2011

My account has been locked

well it started off when strange things was happening around my facebook, i started see'ing comments on pictures that i did not post then offensive status's and then it all happened, someone put a picture on my facebook off two lads kissing and started putting messages like "I'm gay i like ...." so and so... so i thought i have to change my password fast! so at the time i did not have access to my computer so i tried doing it Via phone, so i clicked Forgotten Password and it said reset password and then i followed the steps and it says i must follow the instructions on a computer, but once again i tried to do it on my phone, then sent another Password Reset and kept trying, the emails came threw i got the codes ect... put my phone could'nt get past one stage off the reset stage because it did not support it, and i tried again which gave me another password reset ect... then i managed to change my password, it's now changed, but then all off a sudden my account has been Locked this is the error i get...

We've locked your account
Thanks for reporting this problem with your account. We've temporarily locked your account so no one else can log in as you or misuse your information.

To regain control of your account, please reset your password.

so i go to reset my password, and then to make matters worse once my password has changed i login it will say "Please complete this security check" then the content says...

"Zak, thanks for reporting this problem with your account. We've temporarily locked your account so no one else can log in as you.

To regain control of your information, please complete this quick security check."

so i click continue to complete the quick security check and then it comes to "Please Answer This Security Challenge" so ill put the right words in then i'll click continue which then it comes to..

Your account is temporarily locked

In order to continue with the account recovery process, please contact our User Operations team.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for understanding our security policy.

Right now my only problem is, is that when i click "contact user operations team" it's a hard matter which i cannot complete because i am only (15) and it clearly ask's for on the form this is the question it ask's for..

Please upload a copy of your government-issued ID:
Make sure that your full name, date of birth, and photo are clear. You should also black out any personal information that is not needed to verify your identity (e.g., social security number).

That's a problem as i am only 15! i don't have government ID im too young! i really need my facebook back, for the games friends and family Sad is there any other way i can get my facebook back please help!


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Menteri Indonesia

Banyak pelajar tidak mengetahui
siapa menteri yang mengatur Negara sekarang ini

Bahkan banyak mahasiswa tidak mengetahui susunan - susunan yang ada di kementerian Negara kita ini

Untuk dapat mengetahui hal tersebut

Klik disini aja...
di jamin lengkap.... :D

Rabu, 13 April 2011

How to fix "there no active mixer devices available" error message in Windows

I recently worked on a client’s computer that was giving them the error “no active mixer devices available” whenever they clicked on the volume icon in their task bar. This problem came up out of nowhere and it was almost of if the computer never had sound before! In the Sound and Audio Devices applet in Control Panel, everything was grayed out and there was a message saying “No audio device” under the Volume tab.

greyed out

Upon checking under the Hardware section via the System Properties, we found a couple of yellow exclamation points next to Multimedia Audio Controller. Now this issue would have been easy to fix if the computer had a separate sound card installed and would have simply involved downloading and re-installing the latest drive for the card. Sometimes the driver becomes corrupt and the sound disappears. In this case, just go to Dell, HP, or your manufacture’s web site and download the audio drivers.

However, if your sound card is integrated into your motherboard, you’ll have to re-install the motherboard sound drivers. This is a little trickier because you need to first find the make and model of your motherboard. You can figure out the model of your motherboard in three ways:

1. Open the computer and find the sticker or embedded name of the manufacturer. Be sure it’s not the maker of the chipset, as that will not help.

2. Everest software – a free app that will help you identify your motherboard.

3. Belarc Advisor – Another nifty little app that will give you a crap load of information about your computer including the motherboard.

Once you have the model information, you’ll need to perform a search for the number or try to go to the web site of the maker. Find your driver, install it and restart the computer. You should now have your sound back!

Any questions, post a comment!

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